Friday, October 28, 2016

NYC & Disney Cruise Day 8

After two days on shore, we were excited to have a lazy day on the water again before the end of the cruise. When I say lazy, I really mean that we played hard.
In the morning, we had an appointment to go see the characters of Frozen. It was pretty much a dream come true for both kids.

Then we went to the kids' play area, where they were having an open house. We played there for a while, and found out that we could leave Davis there and they would call us when he wanted to come back to us. Davis was fine with that, and played with them for a bit, and then came back.

Then there was a dance party in the foyer of the ship, which both kids LOVED. Reagan was crazy about dancing with Goofy!

Davis decided that he NEEDED to go swimming. It was warm enough outside that it was hard to disagree. However, Reagan and I went to a character greeting to see Minnie Mouse. You have to understand that Minnie Mouse is one of Reagan's very favorite things in the entire world. And this character greeting was right before naptime. So we went early and stood in line. When Minnie showed up, Reagan was so excited that I had to hold her the entire time we were in line, in order to prevent mauling of Minnie. She honestly got a bloody nose because she was so worked up about the whole thing. Anyway, when it was our turn to go see Minnie, I gave Reagan her Minnie Mouse doll and told her to go see Minnie, and she walked up and gave her the most giant hug ever known to mankind. It was the cutest thing ever! She was a very happy girl!
That night, we said goodbye to our waiter and busboy, who took such good care of us.
After dinner and the show (which by the way, happened every night and was AMAZING!! Seriously, like Broadway-style amazing!!), we went shopping at the store on the ship, and Chris ended up playing with the kids and stuffed animals because he is the best dad ever.

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