Wednesday, October 26, 2016

NYC & Disney Cruise Day 6

On Day 6, we had an official meeting with the princesses. For the occasion, we put Reagan in her fairy wings and princess skirt and tiara. (Thanks, Dollar Tree) She was pretty excited, as you can see:

Here are the pictures of the princess greetings:

It was all pretty magical.
After seeing the princesses, we went on a tour of the Bay of Fundy, which has the greatest tide differences in the whole world. It was a great tour, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Towards the end of the tour, we stopped at a little bay and had a wonderful lunch of clam chowder, while the kids got chicken strips. However, Davis looked out and saw the seashore and rocks to throw in it, and was not AT ALL interested in eating his lunch. That is so our child! He doesn't care about food at all.

That night, our waiter made us hats out of napkins. Davis thought it was fabulous, and wore his hat for days. Reagan would have nothing to do with it.

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