Saturday, November 14, 2015


Besides the owie and stitches, here is what we have been doing in October:
We love to go to the local library! All the librarians in the children's section know me and Davis and Reagan and they are very sweet with the kids. Davis found a Cat in the Hat hat, which is awesome, because he is OBSESSED with the Cat in the Hat right now!
 We also love to play at the park!

This picture makes me laugh because:
a) Davis wouldn't take it without us. The tiger was scary.
b) But we had to take it.
c) He is wearing his cowboy hat. That he stole from me. He loves it!

 We also love to go to Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. We found some shoes with the toys, and had to try them on.

When we go to Sam's Club, the kids get cookies. And Reagan gets it all over her body and face.

We went to see a place that had hay decorated to look like Thomas the Tank Engine. Davis is obsessed with Thomas too. It was!


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