Friday, June 12, 2015

Reagan at 6 months

Reagan's 6 month stats:
Weight--15 pounds 10 ounces
Height--26 inches
Head-- 17 1/4 inches
She is in about the 50th percentile. . . and her head is in the 70th. . . which is better than Davis, who was the 100th :)
She is a happy little girl who loves to smile and coo. She loves her brother, and I am pretty sure that Davis loves her just as much! She can roll over from her stomach to her back. It is hard work, and she doesn't like to do it toooo often, but she is getting used to it. She DOES NOT like to eat anything but bottles, so we will work on that! She has a ton of hair, and the prettiest blue eyes ever!

We love our little girl so much!

And of course, Davis had to take part in the action!
I said, "Put your arm around her," and instead, he held her hand. I guess that is pretty close
 "Give her a hug," and he laid on her and said, "I love you, Reagan."
I think having two kids that love each other makes my life pretty happy!

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