Sunday, May 24, 2015

CUTE kids!

These are some pictures of my cute kids lately! There is never a dull moment around here!
We went to the Artitorium downtown with some friends! Tickets were on sale for Spring Break!

Sometimes, Reagan will be playing in her gym, and just decide that she is too tired! And sometimes when she falls asleep, she does so holding part of her gym. When she twitches, she wakes herself up. It is actually kind of funny to watch!

Eating adventures! Reagan hasn't figured out the whole eating thing yet . . .
 Right after her nightly bath, Reagan has CURLY hair! I am guessing it will also be curly after puberty!
Sometimes you just need to wear a tutu.

Davis's friend Alvin got chickens at his house. We went and saw them, and Davis loved them!

Davis is obsessed with trains and Thomas!
 Davis loves to help sweep the kitchen. It is one of his favorite activities! I hope it continues to be, especially when he can actually do it!
One of Davis's favorite things to do is to help his sister. He loves to give her things, like his toys (especially his trains, because they are his most prized possession), and his blankets, which rate second only to the trains.
 Reagan's joovy walker. I'm not sure who likes it more--Davis or Reagan.
Look who is getting so big and holding herself up more and more! She will be turning over before we know it!
Davis still loves books! He actually picked this one out from the library himself. Unfortunately, he got so excited about it that he ripped out some pages during naptime. He doesn't get to have books in his bed while he is sleeping any more, which is sometimes quite traumatic.

Those are just some every day happenings at our house! We love these kids!

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