Friday, August 29, 2014


We love visitors!  Especially if they are our parents, we love them even more!  Chris's parents came to visit two days after my parents went to South Africa.  We just don't like Davis to be without grandparents for very long!
We had a great time with them, and all got spoiled rotten!  Matt came for the weekend, and we went to Yellowstone National Park with everyone.  It was fun, but unbelievably cold for going in August!
Here are some pictures of the fun:

This is Davis waiting patiently for Grandma and Grandpa to get off the plane.  Ok, right after I took this picture, he had to run around the airport a little bit.

 We went to mutual on Tuesday night at the park nearby.  Chris and his parents decided to bring Davis to the park as well, and it suddenly DUMPED rain.  We went back to the church, and Davis was shivering, so we used some towels to warm him up.

And here we are in Yellowstone:

 Someone needed to get our and walk when we got out at this spot.  He played the game of putting arms in the air.  It is funny how much slower this outing became with him out of his stroller!

 We had to get out of the car a lot, and run with Grandma, or splash in puddles.  This is life with a toddler!

On our way home, walking with Grandpa:
Grandma and Grandpa took us out to eat at a yummy seafood restaurant in town.  Davis loved the alfredo noodles!

He also loved playing with his Grandpa and the computer.  That is pretty much his two very favorite things of all time!
We loved having Chris's parents come and visit and hope they come back soon!

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