Thursday, August 21, 2014

Remodel phase 5/6

Phase 5 and 6 are kind of together, because we got in a "rusch."  A little over a week ago, Chris decided that we WERE going to be getting carpet and moving our furniture into the bonus room before his parents come tomorrow.  So, here is how it looks so far:

The painting on the walls:
 And in the closet.  Done by me.  First actual painting job where I have lifted the brush.  Good it started with the closet!  Not TOO shabby!:
 Chris's awesome tiling job.  It fit just right!:
 And . . . this morning . . . the carpet layers came!!

So now, we need to put the furniture in tonight, and then put on trim and put shelves and doors on the closet, and we are DONE!
We have learned several things while doing this project.  Some of them are:
  • Doing a project like this takes more time, energy, and money than you can project.
  • We got more DUST and DIRT in our house than we ever thought possible
  • Chris, who I thought was not very handy, is actually an INCREDIBLE handyman!  He can do anything, honestly!
  • Having the right tools is a very necessary part of the project.  For instance, we got a texture gun from Home Depot that saved our lives.  My dad also loaned us a saw, and we got a power sander and a nail gun from guys in our ward.  These tools shaved WEEKS, maybe even MONTHS off of the project!
  • Youtube is a great resource.  It taught Chris how to do a lot of things in the project!
  • Having crazy, hair-brained ideas like, "Hey, let's make a closet," or, "Hey, let's put tile by the door," is a good thing.  
  • Taking the paneling off at the beginning was the best idea ever!!
It went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

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