Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our sweet little blueberry

We went to Utah this past weekend.  We partly went because Chris had a conference for librarians in Utah.  We partly went because Davis and I could hang out with family members.  But we mostly went because we got to have an ultrasound of our little blueberry!

 We got a hotel room for the stay, and were lucky enough to receive a "complimentary upgrade" to a one-room suite.  It was super nice to be able to put Davis somewhere to go to sleep and close the door.  And then we turned out backs for 2 seconds and he found out that he could empty the wipe container.
At our house, we no longer use the toilet paper roll.  But at the hotel, the toilet paper holder is a great toy!

Here are the ultrasound pictures--some of them, at least!  They are not TOO exciting, because at almost 8 weeks, he or she is the size of a blueberry.  But we got to see/hear a heartbeat as well, which was very exciting!

The doctor was completely amazed that I am pregnant.  He was very excited for us!  I think he doesn't usually text people to tell them congratulations, but he definitely texted me!  He expressed gratitude for being involved in the miracle.  It has been quite the ride!

We love this baby already!

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