Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blessing Davis

Blessing our baby was a lot of fun!  Our church switched to the 9am block, and, since we weren't supposed to take him to church anyway, we skipped after sacrament meeting.  We were able to have both sets of grandparents, and lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends there.  It was a great experience!

Chris gave a great blessing.  He blessed Davis with health, strength, and intelligence.  He also blessed him with the gift of kindness to others.  He said that Davis would have the strength to overcome adversity.  He said that he would serve a mission and find joy in doing so.  He also said that Christ would become Davis's best friend.  He asked for Heavenly Father to give his parents the strength to live the gospel and teach him the right way to live.  He said that Davis would also be strong in the face of temptation.  There were many family members and friends who were able to be at the blessing, including Dad, Taylor, Carter, Casey, Dad Rusch, Uncle John, Uncle Louis, Edward Urbina, EJ Wimmer, and John Oakey.  It was a beautiful blessing.
After the blessing, we all had a brunch at our house and enjoyed being around family and friends.  It was a great day!

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