Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bargain shoppers

Ever since we moved into our new place, we have used a card table as our dining room table.  So we really wanted a good dining room table.  We have been hunting ever since we moved, and had decided that we wanted a round one.  We went to RC Willey a few weeks ago, and found the PERFECT dining room set for $850--not the perfect price.
On Memorial Day, we stopped by the South Jordan RC Willey outlet store, on a whim.  We found the EXACT dining room table.  FOR $148!!  So we bought it.
While Chris was picking it up with his Explorer, I went to the DownEast Outfitter store.  I found chairs for $52 each because they had been discounted.  But they were having a 30% off sale.  So they were $36 each.  We bought six.  And they match perfectly!
So we got a dining room set that was originally $850 for under $300.  Sweet!  That makes us love it even more!

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  1. Smokin' deal! Good job, bargain shoppers! :o)