Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

December is always party month for the Rusch family because it is both of our birthdays!  Here is an account of what we did in pictures:
Chris with all his loot
Chris opening his presents.  We actually found that the books that I gave him are available on kindle, so we took them back.
 The President Monson book.  Should be a good one.
I found the movie "Inception" at the grocery store and bought it for him as a surprise the night before.
At Tucano's with Taylor and Katie.  We are both members of the birthday club at Tucano's, and you get a free meal with someone else paying.  So that we aren't COMPLETE gluttons, we take other people with us.

Me with my presents

I got a great sweater!
I also got a calendar
We went to "The Roof" on Friday to celebrate my birthday
At the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

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