Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

Our original plan was to enjoy a peaceful Thanksgiving celebration in Idaho Falls.  However, Chris's brother was admitted to the hospital, and his parents had to take an emergency flight to Utah from Atlanta, so we decided to be sociable and stay with the family that only comes here every now and then.  That meant, however, that I was IN CHARGE of our Thanksgiving dinner.  I did not sleep at all on the Sunday before, because I was so worried about it.  I was not really worried about cooking it all--I have seen my parents do that on several occasions.  I was worried about fitting SEVEN people in my little condo.  But, Chris's mom came early in the morning and helped me cook, and everything turned out fantastically!  Of course, we had plenty of help.  A BIG thanks goes out to Chris's mom for her help, and to our wonderful neighbors across the street who let us use their oven when we found that our smoker died.  We were supposed to get a blizzard on Tuesday, but didn't.  However, Tuesday wound up being a GREAT day to go to the grocery stores!  Matt is recovering well, and we were able to celebrate a GREAT Thanksgiving together.  On Friday night, we went to see the *brand new* lights on temple square.  Chris's parents were so excited about that, because they have never seen the lights there before.  It was a splendid time had by all, and we are so glad that we were able to spend it with family!  The picture of Chris and his brothers is by the center mark in Salt Lake that marks where all streets are measured from.  Thanks to Matt, the geography major, we learned about it.  Cool.

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  1. Sounds like ya'll had a fabulous time!! I'm very sad we weren't there to share in your feast!