Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eating like Pilgrims

I have wanted to do this for a few years, and we finally decided to swallow the price and do it.  We went to Thanksgiving Point to their Eat Like a Pilgrim celebration.  It was fantastic!  We got to try some fabulous Pilgrim dishes, such as Corn Pudding, and some not-so-fabulous Pilgrim dishes, such as Stewed Pumpkin.  The only utensils that we had was a knife and a spoon.  What a riot!  Chris got to fire the Pilgrim musket, which was tons of fun.  We sang a pilgrim song before eating, and said a Pilgrim prayer on the food.  Chris got to try oyster (I passed), and pet animals.  I got to enjoy talking with my friends that I went to Montana with last summer.  They were helping out with the extravaganza.  If anyone gets a chance to go in the future, I totally recommend it!  Next time, I will take my camera so that I have pictures to show for it!

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