Saturday, June 5, 2010

A very special little visitor

On the last day of school, we got to borrow our niece for a sleepover.  It was so fun to spend time with her and to get to spoil her rotten.  First, we played with her "princesses," read some books, and pretended like we went shopping at a pet store.  Then, we went to Pizza Pie Cafe, which is a great place to take kids.  She ate way more dessert than dinner, but we didn't care!  We went to a ward party and stayed for a little while while she enjoyed running around the gym.  When she was sick of that, we came home, got her ready for bed, and watched Shrek from the bed in the living room.  The hope was for her to fall asleep while the movie was going.  She stayed awake the whole time, but Chris fell asleep!  After Shrek, I kissed her goodnight and gave her some books and some princesses.  I saw her a little while later, reading books to the princesses.  I tried to sneak into the living room and take a picture of her.  She saw me, but she was not shy to have a picture taken.  Then she posed reading her books to the princess and the stuffed lion she borrowed from us.  I heard her talking in the living room a little while later, so I sat up and asked her if she was okay.  She said, "Yeah.  I'm just saying my prayers."  We had already said prayers with her before Shrek.  What a sweet girl!  In the morning, we enjoyed some chocolate chip pancakes together.  Like I say, not the healthiest thing, but when you are an aunt, you can spoil her rotten!  We are so lucky to have the cutest niece!

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