Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Vacation

After the end of school, we had a week to take a vacation before Chris's summer school and graduate school starts.  It was so much fun!  We went to Mesa Verde National Park.  It was great fun!  I took TONS of pictures, and here are just a few.  One of the great parts of teaching junior high history is that all of the money that we spent will be able to be reimbursed at tax time.  We kept all of our receipts for the reimbursements!  When we went to the Visitors Center to get tickets for the tours of the ruins, we told the lady that we wanted to see everything.  Seeing the ruins made Chris feel like he was visiting a foreign country.
Chris squeezing through the tights tunnel at Balcony House.  It was a tight squeeze!
  We saw a lizard on one of our tours.  He loved having his picture taken!
Long house was one of our favorites!  It is so cool to see how the Anasazi people lived!
After Mesa Verde, we went to Durango, Colorado and took a train ride to Silverton on the Narrow Gauge Railroad.  It was tons of fun to see this gorgeous world we live in!

Then, we met our ward at Youth Conference at Zion Ponderosa.  We had a ton of fun with the youth in our ward.  Our ward had a cabin, which we filled with 25 or so people.  It was a great time.  There was a foosball table in the loft that the boys decided that they should move outside.  So funny!
This is our mini-golf group.  We had a great time relaxing, but are glad to be home again for a somewhat normal life!

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  1. Tina, you look like you had a great time. How fun! You guys are such a cute couple!