Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Today, we decorated our little abode for Christmas.  This was quite the ordeal, since it meant that we had to visit our storage unit (before dark, nonetheless) and get out the Christmas stuff, which was, coincidentally, clear in the back of the unit.  I decided that since we are cramped for space, and since we are trying to make life easier for ourselves this time of year, that I am only decorating using the Christmas tree and the nativity from Israel.  I am not going berserk with the Snow Village and the entire huge box of decorations that I own.

OK, here is the best part about our Christmas festivities.  On Monday night, for Family Home Evening, we made a paper chain to count down until going to Atlanta for Christmas.  My husband, the elementary school teacher, said that we should color the outside of the papers with holiday decorations, and then write on the inside of the papers why we are excited to go to Atlanta.  Funny.  Possibly the best part of the Family Home Evening was singing, "Here We Are Together."  The chorus went something like this: "There's Chris and Tina and Chris and Tina."  Silliness.

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