Monday, April 17, 2017

April showers

During April, we celebrated our 8 year anniversary! Wow!

I worked on painting our pantry. I love how it turned out! And I got a little boy to help me. Davis loves to help with projects!

We also had people employed by the city come to trim our trees. I told them to trim the Apple trees way down, and they said they could just take it out! We feel like we now have a yard again! Being without the tree is fabulous! And we will be able to have a garden this summer! Yayyyy!!

 Our yard minus an apple tree!
This maple tree is going to get a major facelift as well!
We went to Utah for a doctor's appointment. Thank heavens for family who lets us stay with them, and watches our kids! Reagan gave Casey a big hug when we got there. . . until she saw Hilary!
And Davis got Buzz Lightyear in the mail, which is pretty much the best. thing. ever!

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