Sunday, May 22, 2016

Reagan's words

Our little Reagan is a talker! I think it is mainly due to the fact that she has a big brother who is ALWAYS trying to get her to say words, and celebrates any time she does. Some of the things that Reagan likes to say are:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy (which sounds like "Ya-ye)
  • Davis (it varies how this sounds. But it's always adorable.)
  • Yeah or Yes
  • No (Came after Yes. Which was awesome for a little while, because "yeah," was the answer to every question.) 
  • Hello or Hi (Especially cute when she comes wandering into my room in the morning)
  • Help me (This is a handy one. She uses it a lot!)
  • Good (Dood. Whenever she is asked how she is, this is what she says.)
  • This (Dis)
  • That (Dat)
  • Please (Pee-s) (We work on "books please" or "food please" or "milk please," which she usually does on command)
  • Minnie (Mimi) (Minnie is a CRUCIAL part of going to bed. I discovered that Minnie makes something to look forward to at bedtime, and makes it all okay.)
  • Thank you (Dank oooo)
  • Uh-oh
  • Whoops
  • Ouch
  • Love you (Wuv oooo) (Melts my heart EVERY TIME!!)
She also knows the sounds that several animals make. (She specializes in the cow or the cat or the dog.) She is pretty good at pointing out parts of her face, especially her mouth! That is obviously a very important thing to this little girl!

Last night, we took the kids to our neighbor's house for the babysitting swap we do every month (the best idea ever, seriously), and when I told Davis where they were going, he said, "And I will tell Reagan, 'it's okay, sweet girl. Momma will come back. You are okay.'" Kids who love each other makes me happy. Because, really, Davis is the BEST big brother and looks out for his sister all the time.

She got a haircut yesterday. We decided that her mullet had to go. It seriously took like 2 1/2 inches to get everything evened up. And her curls came back with it being so much shorter! This is after church, without the bow that she had in during church. Because I am not a good enough mom to take out the fancy camera AND put her bow back in.

 We now have a sandbox in our backyard, which results in HOURS of fun for Davis and Reagan!
 We went to my parents' house, and she helped Grandma eat her breakfast. For every bite Grandma gave her, she got a hug.
 We think she is pretty dang cute!

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