Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A rainy trip to Salt Lake

So Chris was going to Las Vegas one week with his work. . . and I decided that the rest of us needed to get out of town too. Marcela and I have always talked about taking a trip together with our kids, so we did it! It was a bit of insanity to have four kids and two semi-insane adults, but we made it work!! Our plan was to leave Wednesday afternoon, but the forecast said that it would rain all day Thursday, and we wanted to spend a day at the zoo, so we left Tuesday night instead, and spent the night in Brigham City. The next morning, it was raining the whole time that we were driving to Salt Lake. We were upset about it, and decided that we would not do the zoo after all. Davis was the only one awake, so he got the bad news. But then, right as we were checking into the hotel to drop off all of our stuff, it cleared up! So, we went to the Go-Go (Hogle) Zoo and had so much fun!

 The first thing we had to do at the zoo was take a train ride, because we have two little boys who are OBSESSED! Trying to get Davis to turn around for a picture during the ride was not going to happen!

We packed a lunch for the zoo, which was a great idea, because no restaurants were open!

 It did rain a little, but seriously, not very bad, and it was pretty fun to jump in puddles when you are with your best buddy!
Here are the sweet kids in their stroller!
We also took a ride on the carousel, and Davis wanted to sit on the seat. Silly boy!
At the gorilla house!
 All of us at the zoo
 Being leopards at the lion exhibit
We were seriously the last people to leave at closing time. It was too much fun!
The next day, it was POURING rain, so we decided to get on the train and go to downtown.
 We did the planetarium
And rode the train and then walked FOREVER in the pouring rain to go to a taco stand that Marcela recommended. The tacos were very good, and it was memorable!
Then we went to the City Center mall and walked around.

Davis and Damian loved to pretend to talk to each other on the phones in our hotel room.

On our way home on Friday, we stopped through Logan and met our friend Jill from the Young Women's presidency. We had lunch with her at a crepe place. It was so fun to see her, and definitely an adventurous trip! We had a fabulous time!

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