Saturday, December 12, 2015

Reagan is one!

Our little girl turned one! What a year it has been!
This is her one year picture. After I took it, Davis wanted to come have his picture taken with her too. It wasn't SUPER successful to have them both smile at the camera at the same time:
After naptime, we had a little party for Reagan with some family and friends. It was great fun! Here she is with her little friend who lives around the corner:
This was HER favorite present:
And then we did the obligatory cake eating:
And she got it all over her face:
Things I want to remember about our little girl at this age:
  • Her growl, which is remarkably like the growl that her brother used to do. Weird.
  • She WILL NOT accept food that I try and feed her. But, I found that baby-led weaning is actually a lot easier than making baby food for her, even if cleaning up the mess is not always easier.
  • She is the HAPPIEST BABY EVER, except when she is hungry or tired. Then, watch out.
  • The way that she gets around is by scooting. She's actually a pretty good little scooter! But she will not crawl.
  • She is a good little "talker" and always has something to say about the situation. And sometimes, you can actually tell what she says!
We love our Reagan and can't imagine life without her!

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