Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Home decor advice needed!

Problem: We have a bonus room in our house that BADLY needs a redo.  Like, the ceiling has cottage cheese, the walls are awful, and the blinds need refurbishing.  The carpet is also awful.  So pretty much everything about the room is bad.
Remember how it looked like this?

I found a couch that I love at the furniture store.  I can basically custom make the couch to our own specifications:
I love the idea of a black and gray and red room.

But, we have a beautiful brown entertainment center that we love:
This is what the room looks like now.

Would the entertainment center go with the couch?  Should I keep the black and gray and red theme?  Or should I change it somehow?  What change would I make?



  1. Paint the entertainment center black. then it will go with your color scheme.

  2. Absolutely agree and was going to say the same thing go on Pinterest find the best way to resurface and BOOM it all matches!!! :)