Sunday, October 21, 2012

An essay for my future self

On parenting . . . .

There have been several things that I have learned from my years as an educator on parenting.  I have seen many many good examples of things that parents can do to help their children continue to be successful, and become successful adults and contributing members of society.  I have also seen many examples of things that should NOT be done in order to create successful individuals.  In fact, some of these things would most likely only create criminal-type behaviors in your people.  Here are some of my examples.

As a parent, DON'T:
  • Allow your children to have a TV in their bedroom
  • Allow your children to have a computer with internet access in their bedroom
  • Allow children to go to bed with their cell phone
  • Blame teachers for mistakes that your children make, i.e. leaving their cell phone on and having it ring in class.  That is the children's fault--not the teacher's!
  • Believe everything that teenagers and young adults say.  They don't MEAN to lie.  It is unintentional.  They are just trying to save face.
  • Assume that your child is perfect in every way, and would never DREAM of doing anything bad.
As a parent, DO:
  • Give teachers the benefit of the doubt, until you know the full story.  Usually, the teacher's story is much different from the student's story.
  • Instill in your children a thirst and love of knowledge.  Encourage them to attend school and learn all that they can.
  • Help your children to become good citizens that are appropriate in most circumstances.
  • Teach your children to be polite.
  • Teach your children the value of good friends, and make sure that they choose the right people to hang out with.  The value of friends is so influential on a child's life!

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