Friday, January 13, 2012

A trip to Lehi

We sort of feel like our Christmas vacation was divided into three segments: one at home, one at the cabin, and one in Lehi.  Our sister-in-law, Katie, was told that she had to be on strict bed rest while trying to have their 4th child (which, thankfully, is working).  Since Colby and Maria came from Virginia, they really wanted to be able to see Taylor and Katie and their kids, so we took a trip to get the whole family together.  Unfortunately, Casey was not able to come because of his basketball practice.  It was fun to play with the kids and spend time with family!
 Colby and Max
 Maria and Charlie
 Grandpa and Charlie with the iPad
 The kids saying goodbye
 Mom, Anna, me and Chris
 Carter and Anna
Colby and Max loving the legos

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