Monday, November 7, 2011

New Orleans

I went to New Orleans for a NAGC conference.  I learned a lot about gifted children, and their needs, and had a lot of fun too.  Here are some pictures of the festivities!
So picturesque!  Being here made me feel like I was in France!
Bad news--Bourbon Street on a Friday night
World War II museum--so cool!

The oldest street car in the United States--on St. Charles Street

A statue of Robert E. Lee

Houses that I might move to in New Orleans--too bad they are all over a million dollars!
A diner in New Orleans--great!
A favorite seafood restaurant
A plaque explaining that there was a slave auction there
A Blacksmith shop in New Orleans--very old--owned by Lafitte

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  1. How fun! It is always nice to go visit other places. Those houses are beautiful.