Sunday, October 24, 2010

Go cougars!

My parents came down to Provo for the football game.  They bought tickets for all of us, which was very nice.  Taylor and Katie came and brought their kids, which was a ton of fun!  The cougars won (which was kind of a surprise!), the weather was beautiful, and we got to play with some pretty cute kids too!  You should have seen Anna and Max's eyes when they looked at my BYU brownie--they looked like they had not been fed all day!  Here are a few pictures of the fun:

Anna and Max drawing during the game.  Katie pulled out a pad of princess paper, and told Anna that it was for her.  Anna said that she really hoped that it was!

 All of the family
 Playing with Charlie
 Anna looking through the binoculars
 Uncle Casey playing with Anna and Max
Grandpa giving Charlie a ride

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