Monday, April 19, 2010

Dumpster Diving

On Saturday, I went through my closet and found clothes that I haven't worn in a while and wanted to take to the D.I.  Of course, I hadn't totally parted with them, so I wanted them to go to my car for a few days so that I could think about it.  So, I put them by our door in a garbage sack and went to see a friend who was in town.  When I got back, the sack had disappeared.  This was the conversation that ensued.
Me: Where did my D.I. clothes go?
Chris: Where did you put them?
Me: By the door.
Chris: I think I threw them away.
Me: We had a conversation about how it was my D.I. pile.
Chris: Well, you shouldn't have put them by the other garbage by the door
Me: The other garbage was NOT by the door when I put them there.  You moved it!
We went out to the dumpster to see if they were by chance on top of the big, smelly heap of garbage.  They were not.  Chris offered to put on boots and dig through it to see if he could find the missing clothes.  I informed him that even if he did find the clothes, I would not wear them once they had been dug out of the trash.

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